New Challenge

November 10, 2008
Many experiences have been through after I moved my career from a logistic company to a heavy equipment company. Bigger responsibilities and duties require many training and studies. Initially, when I came to this company as an applicant – I saw a big workshop with many big dump trucks and excavators. The office is not very fancy enough than my old one, but they have installed and used a same program with my old office more than 5 years earlier compare to my old company that I worked for. This public listed company has a proven track record in its line business. One of their business activities is selling heavy machines with fully computerized programs, it means that whenever that these machines need a service or perhaps reparation, they (customer) have to call us to fix their machines. Usually heavy equipment consumers are familiar with our articulated dump truck (ADT). This ADT machine is strong and very suitable to use in off-road area. ADT machine operators are spoiled with the machine capabilities like fully automatic transmission, service break with retarder function, and best articulated design for truck. One more thing, our company has been trusted and has signed an agreement with some Asian company to serve them in Ampah’s jobsite. Ampah is a small local town in central Kalimantan. My company has appointed me to be one of crew for Ampah project, and my general duties are to make sure this project is run well from finance, accounting, and human resource point of view area. So, wish me luck – will you…!!!



1# Spirit in Education

Juni 30, 2008
Spirit in education is so vary from time to time. If we take a picture of my life, perhaps the laziest moment or period to read or even write was between junior and senior high school. And the most enthusiastic was when I was and have finished my master program. Do you feel the same too..?
I wonder why I was so lazy when I was in junior..? Any lessons (and courses) didn’t feel so interest and catchy and could not domain even in one particular lesson. And I always had a wonder too in Indonesian language class, even though the teachers had change time to time, I didn’t know why the best mark I’ve got always 65 in daily exam (not more than that). During this junior time I think a lot of time was waste, and I just studied in the class. The rank I’ve got was mostly mid-rank. Such a waste..!!!
In Senior, there were not much better too. Too many things considered more fun than education, they were not so attractive too. Once, I had studied this time, it was a biology lesson about a chapter contained brain, neuron, dopamine, and they relationship. And check it out, I got a high score in daily exam. Most of the times, all what I’ve done was just playing. The rank I’ve got is the same with the rank I’ve got in junior. Really such a waste…!!!
When I was in university earning a bachelor degree, I had many changes which were during about 5 last semesters. I begun to do an assignment and read many books. And I began to questioning a validity of some theories. The most important to me was my own motivation which was to get a good image of what of I had performed.
Afterwards when I was in post-graduate program, it was so much better. Many lessons and chapters I can absorbed more than before. For thesis, I wrote one of capital stock issue which was phenomenal and I got the highest score. It was really something and so motivating.
Here is what I have thought, if I had so concerned in education when I was still young perhaps it would much better for me in present. That is why older people always give an advice to young people and tell them to study so they will not regret when they are old. This advice is true, and I will forward too to young generations which are still young. So pass this advise too. Will you..??


Selamat datang masalah baru :,(

Juni 18, 2008

Well, that was the words from short message service which have received.
This message was sent by friend of mine (who suffered after made a decision).
This friend thought that he could manage it with well or find a proper solution – but eventually, it led to a new potential problem which is bigger hi3x…

A wise man said that perhaps a problem makes us feel be alive, but how can we live normally if we face too many problems.

Why this case could happen..?
I think there are two main reasons that drive us to difficulty in solving a problem.

1) Have no experience (A new experience)
It is so normal if we cannot find a solution, because it never happened before. It is so natural, we are a human not a robot. Always remember, every human definitely has his own problem – never think that there are human who live without problem.

2) Less information.
I think that information quality will determine the action of the decision. If you process just a piece of information, the decision which has been made will have many revisions. So, it would be better if you collect much information before you make a decision.

The other reasons are just a cause of these two above main reason.